Sony clarifies Concept for Android releases, says no other phones will get it

That's because Sony was a bit inaccurate in its official statement and said that “the next step will be to launch a community similar to the InTouch community for our upcoming Xperia XZ Premium.

Since the statement confused a lot of Xperia fans, Sony posted a Q&A on the InTouch community forums to clarify the news about Concept for releases
The most important tidbit that we've found in the Q&A is the fact that Sony has no plans to release Concept for Android updates for another, the handset maker confirmed that there would be one more release scheduled for Experimental track next week.
After that the last  is pushed to the Xperia X , users are recommended to go back to official software to keep their phones updated. 
Bear in mind that your Xperia X won't automatically go back to official software, so you must use a Windows or Mac computer and perform a software repair via . Alternatively, you can use FlashTool, if you're on Linux.